5 Tips for weight loss

5 Tips for weight loss

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One of the major issues faced by people trying to lose some weight is the futility of some of their efforts. They exercise for 30 days and seem to be losing weight and just decide to indulge in snacking for 2 days and the weight comes rushing back, with some extra. Others have tried taking on a fruit diet and sucked on lemon till their intestines have literally dried up.

However, following the next set of tips will ensure that you bid goodbye to that extra bit of fat you have been battling with and keep it that way.

Sleep longer  

At first glance, this might seem like a counterproductive move because there’s a general notion that sleeping more contributes to weight gain. This is not the case, in fact research had shown that if you sleep 30 minutes before your normal sleeping time and wake up 30 minutes after, you will make better food choices, be more well rested and therefore not have the tendency to turn to unhealthy snacks


This seems like another wrong move when you are weight watching but healthy snacking in between meals is a better choice than a total breakdown where one turns to junks at the end of a diet. Fruits are a very healthy choice which can be used in between meals as snacks.



Yes, yes, we know you have jogged from the end to end in your neighborhood, and you have trained for a marathon but still haven’t lost weight. However, doing 5 minutes of light exercises, 3 times weekly, including lunges, pushups, and squats will ensure that you build muscle mass and burn calories.


Stay away from alcohol and fizzy drinks

If you must quench your thirst, drink water. A glass of wine, beer, vodka, or soda contains hundreds of unnecessary calories that you worked so hard to burn. Therefore, restrict yourself to alcohol and soda (if you must at all) to once a week.



Eating a healthy breakfast enables you to be filled up thereby chasing away the hunger pangs at lunch and enabling you to eat light.




Other tips you should incorporate into your lifestyle include, having a support system, making fruits an essential part of your diet, daily weight measurement and visualizing yourself thin.


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