SARGAS energy is a Safe, Affordable, and Reliable renewable energy company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission Of Nigeria with registration number: RC 1326777. SARGAS was established in the year 2016, out of the yearnings of the board members to create a Safer environment.

Maintaining constant energy supply in our lives is a necessity not a luxury and at SARGAS energy we have put measures e.g. renewable energy market experts in place to help our clients monitor the changes in energy market trends in order to give our clients the best advantage in price and cost wise when buying renewable energy.

At SARGAS energy we are already making progress in harnessing various forms of renewable energy sources like sunlight, bio gas, LPG, wind and geothermal heat in order to expand and provide more alternative energy sources to you. With technological advancements in harnessing these renewable energy sources, prices  cost can be reduced greatly and energy supply can increase and be constant. We constantly monitor research and development trends in the renewable energy sector and conduct our own researches to expedite our goals for efficient and effective energy solutions.


Energy is important for economic growth and development. With constant energy source we can improve our daily lives and fulfill our dreams. Renewable energy gives us that opportunity. At SARGAS energy we make it our business to deliver the best renewable energy services to our Residential, Small Businesses & Commercial clients. We are passionate about clean energy generation, distribution and Usage.


Delivering a Safe, Affordable and Reliable solution to your daily energy need using standard world class equipment and facilities to meet your energy needs.

High Skilled Team

Constantly learning and updating our knowledge on renewable energy and its potential for economic growth, development and monitoring the renewable energy market for changes in prices that can help us make renewable energy affordable.

Custom Customer Support

Nurturing long term business relationships with customized services with impeccable customer support to give you our consumer the desired satisfaction with value added services

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a safe home and environment to foster prosperity on earth while leading the way for environmental conscious businesses

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading and most preferred renewable Energy company with a vast Generation, distribution and strong retailing Network that would provide a qualitative energy delivery service solutions at very competitive market rates and enable our customers achieve their objectives in today’s demanding and rapidly changing energy environment.

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    What We Do

    LPG Skid Plants

    The skid package is in essence a turnkey/Modular LPG cylinder refilling plant. Once delivered, the skid unit only requires that you fill the tank and connect to electrical service and it’s ready for production.

    Cylinder Exchange Service

    SARGAS Xchange is one of the nation’s leading providers of LPG cylinder exchange service. We specialize in serving with Residential, commercial and industrial clients.
    Our main focus is LPG cylinder exchange, we only provide the safest & Timely delivery to our customers in the safest SON approved tanks and cylinders.

    Solar Systems

    SARGAS Solar systems you and your business can have access to affordable & reliable solar energy solutions for life.

    Biofuel & Diesel

    A biofuel is a type of fuel whose energy is derived from biological carbon fixation. Biofuels include fuels derived from biomass conversion, as well as solid biomass, liquid fuels and various biogases.

    Our Team

    Okebugwu Ikechukwu Williams (FCLMI)

    Over 7 years experience as an oil and gas Marketer, Business Owner and Business Development consultant. Expertise in areas ranging from business administration to marketing and Entrepreneurial skills. He is a fellow of the Courier and Logistics Management Institute and awarded for his professional experience and contributions to the civil society

    Obi Charles Izuogu

    Charles Obi has extensive experience in operations and administrative duties in architecture and oil/gas field respectively. He obtained a Bsc degree in Government and Public Administration in Imo State University, a certified Project Manager (CPM), a Masters degree in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) in Unilag, and a promising chartered accountant (ICAN).


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    SARGAS –  A safe, affordable, and reliable renewable energy company

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    Address : 4th Floor, Gods Grace Plaza 65, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
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