Benefits of using LPG to cook

Benefits of using LPG to cook

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The benefits of cooking with LPG or cooking gas abound but the first words that comes to our heads when cooking gas is mentioned are ease, speed and economical.

LPG ensures efficiency in cooking that cannot be gotten when using other fuels. The major benefits to the use of cooking gas include:

  1. Speed: as stated in the opening paragraphs of this article, cooking gas ensures speed in cooking as a high calorific value that enables it to burn faster than other forms of fuel.
  2. Environmental Friendliness: LPG has a very small amount of sulphur, nitrogen as well as other harmful matters to the environment. In fact, it creates the least greenhouse gas emission as compared to the other fuels and reduces greenhouse emission by 50-70%.
  3. Ease of use: cooking gas is easy to use in the sense that it has an instant on and off activation switch which can also be used to adjust the intensity of the flame. It is also very convenient and easy to store unlike other gas forms like firewood, kerosene,etc.
  4. Economical: The burners that use LPG emit less overall heat as compared to other cooking gadgets. It also produces less heat and requires little maintenance in the form of wick change, cleanup of ash, etc

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